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Weekly Planner Memopad

RM 32.00

A planner that you can use all year round from January to December. It is undated and can be used in any year as well. 

Perfect to be used to keep track of your daily/weekly life OR plan your week in advance to increase productivity.  

You can use it as a booklet or you can tear the pages out using the perforation line and place it in your journal or anywhere you want. 

To make your planing more intereting, add some cute colourful stickers OR use it with our Petite.W Rubber Stamps & 2in1 Number & Symbol Rubber Stamp Set   

Happy Planning!    

Material: 150gsm Special Paper (with perforations) 

60 pages [ 5 pages/month ]

3 colours

Memopad Size: 5.5 x 22cm